Processing Unit

Hi-Tech Plant ...

Hi-Tech Plant for Seed Cleaning, Grading and Processing,upto 99.9% Purity with facility of de-stoner, Magnetic separator as per International Standard. High Processing Capacity having 4 TPH on wheat basis Approx. 70 to 80 Mts. Daily. Fully automated Weighing, Bagging and stitching of bags as per customer requirement.

Grader & Separator
Grader & Separator Lab Model

It helps to identify in respect of impurities in raw material so the production team can use same mechanism to achieve the desire quality as per customer satisfaction.

Gravity Separator
Gravity Separator
& De-stoner

To removes light weight seeds & stones are effectively removed which are mixed with the raw material to achieve desire output.

Grinding System
Grinding System

Grinding Mill is used for fine grinding of various Herbs and spices. In order to maintain the properties of material to its optimum level, a two stage-grinding operation is done as per requirement of our valued customers, we can achieve from 30 mesh to 100 mesh.

Metal Detecor
Metal Detector

Gravity Feed Metal Detector systems are to designed inspect any free flowing bulk powder or granular materials such as spices, oil seeds & other herbal powders.

Inhouse Laboratory

Inhouse Laboratory center analyses and develops products that are truly of exquisite quality. Customer's satisfaction is top on priority list. We can help you in developing custom flavor profiles.

Hydraulic Bailing
Hydraulic Bailing

Our in house pressed bailing facility after processing (cleaning) of whole herbs/tea cut to make uniform packing for smooth handling of cargo in 40kgs/50kgs/80 kgs/100 kgs pressed bales as per buyers requirement.

Food Grinder/ Pulverizer
T-Cut / Fine- Cut/ Coarse Cut Machine

The Food Grinder /Pulverizer is to reduce the size of the spices, grains, herbs etc. from 4 to 5 mm to 40 mm mesh powder.


This machine is equipped with component which makes it help you to get rid of chaffs, straws, weed seeds, dust and other light impurities including husk etc in an effective manner.

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